Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome to Texas! I found this drink a few years ago in Austin, one of my favorite cities. It's called a Texas Martini...and since then, it's really the only way my husband will drink a margarita. In Texas, everything is big, right? (Let's hope so.) This drink is served in a large martini glass along with a full size martini shaker so you can pour your "own" as the night lingers. Try it, and don't forget the jalapeno-stuffed olives!

(This receipe is for one cocktail, but you can certainly double the ingredients and rock the night!)

2 parts Tequila
1 part Triple Sec
Juice of 2 limes
Large martini shaker
2 jalapeno stuffed olives
splash of fresh orange juice
Float of Grand Marnier

Mix in shaker with lots of cracked ice. Pour into large cold martini glass, gently swirl a float of Grand Marnier on top. Add olives and serve.

P.S. I don't drink much Tequila anymore because the last time I imbibed , I saw Jesus.

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