Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you.....that Baja is the same. Well, let's face it. It's not. A darkness has come to town, and there's an eerie hush on the streets. No young spring-breakers kicking back shooters, no joyful mariachi tunes drifting out of the open-air bars and restaurants. Empty taxis line up along the streets, tethered like horses, waiting for the tourists who have all but disappeared. The heart of the city beats silently into the night longing for the love affair with America that once was.....

It's insane! Rosarito is safer now than it's ever been. There are policia everywhere you look. Not to mention the Rambo-never-looked-so-good Army brigade ready to take out an entire cartel if necessary. What more do Americans want? And there are the tourist police - a special force created just for, yep, that's right.....you guys, the tourists.

Let's not let the light go out....it's wonderful, it's safe, it's beautiful and it's more affordable than ever! Now get down there, all you chickens....cluck, cluck...drop some cash, drink, catch some rays, drink, swim, get a facial, eat, (did I mention drink?) and feel the warmth of these gentle, generous people.

Oh yeah, don't forget the taxis......

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes, there IS a wine bar in Baja. LA VID is located directly across the parking lot from the Rosarito Beach Hotel. This sweet, unpretentious little wine bar carries an impressive selection of Mexican wines from the Baja Guadalupe Valley wine country. Owners Norma, Jorge (the handsome young Sommelier pictured here) and Norma Jr., have worked hard to create a wine bar with a special ambiance. Crisp white table clothes, candles and fresh flowers adorn the small tables to create an intimate wine tasting experience. Romantic Mexican music drifts softly from behind the bar. Olive oil and rosemary bread along with organic salsa is served with your wine. Wines from Baron Balche, Bibayoff, Adobe Guadalupe (see photo), Santo Tomas and L. A. Cetto are offered by the glass and bottle, and since LA VID buys directly from the wineries, the prices are amazingly affordable. So, drop in, drink and browse the adjoining art gallery at LA VID. Tell Jorge that Robin sent you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome to Texas! I found this drink a few years ago in Austin, one of my favorite cities. It's called a Texas Martini...and since then, it's really the only way my husband will drink a margarita. In Texas, everything is big, right? (Let's hope so.) This drink is served in a large martini glass along with a full size martini shaker so you can pour your "own" as the night lingers. Try it, and don't forget the jalapeno-stuffed olives!

(This receipe is for one cocktail, but you can certainly double the ingredients and rock the night!)

2 parts Tequila
1 part Triple Sec
Juice of 2 limes
Large martini shaker
2 jalapeno stuffed olives
splash of fresh orange juice
Float of Grand Marnier

Mix in shaker with lots of cracked ice. Pour into large cold martini glass, gently swirl a float of Grand Marnier on top. Add olives and serve.

P.S. I don't drink much Tequila anymore because the last time I imbibed , I saw Jesus.

Friday, March 13, 2009

SPA, SPA, SPA......and more

Recently, my good friend and I drove down to Rosarito for a day of wine tasting, facials and a massage. Excuse me, but this is important for the growth and education of the female soul.

We booked our "treatments" at the Rosarito Beach Hotel Spa...a beautiful addition to the hotel built a several years ago. Unlike the new, Euro-feel tower recently completed (see photos), the Spa still has that Spanish/Moorish feel with lots of hand-laid, hand-made tile and high domed ceilings.

After wrapping ourselves in traditional Spa robes and booties (a new experience for my friend as she said "I've never taken off my clothes for a facial," to which I reponded "get used to it, honey") we were led to the "relaxation room" where cucumber water and soft chocolate brown lounging couches awaited us. Here, I drifted off into my own world while my friend mumbled on about some upcoming city hall issues. Finally, the misty light and heavenly silence swooped down upon her as well, and we each sank into serenity for a good 15 minutes. Nothing rushed here.....

After a luxurious facial for me, and a soothing massage for my friend, we waded into the warm spa water 'till our toes turned pink and wrinkled. After that, we drove to my beach house and watched the last of a winter sun sink into the sea.

* The hour-long treatments including our lovely Baja wine tasting across the street, was less than $75 each. Do it, do it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009