Friday, March 13, 2009

SPA, SPA, SPA......and more

Recently, my good friend and I drove down to Rosarito for a day of wine tasting, facials and a massage. Excuse me, but this is important for the growth and education of the female soul.

We booked our "treatments" at the Rosarito Beach Hotel Spa...a beautiful addition to the hotel built a several years ago. Unlike the new, Euro-feel tower recently completed (see photos), the Spa still has that Spanish/Moorish feel with lots of hand-laid, hand-made tile and high domed ceilings.

After wrapping ourselves in traditional Spa robes and booties (a new experience for my friend as she said "I've never taken off my clothes for a facial," to which I reponded "get used to it, honey") we were led to the "relaxation room" where cucumber water and soft chocolate brown lounging couches awaited us. Here, I drifted off into my own world while my friend mumbled on about some upcoming city hall issues. Finally, the misty light and heavenly silence swooped down upon her as well, and we each sank into serenity for a good 15 minutes. Nothing rushed here.....

After a luxurious facial for me, and a soothing massage for my friend, we waded into the warm spa water 'till our toes turned pink and wrinkled. After that, we drove to my beach house and watched the last of a winter sun sink into the sea.

* The hour-long treatments including our lovely Baja wine tasting across the street, was less than $75 each. Do it, do it!

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