Thursday, May 14, 2009

Puppies In Peril

Can you even imagine what life is like on the streets of Mexico for a lost unwanted puppy? Believe it or not, some do survive and continue the crisis of unaltered dogs who breed every cycle creating packs of wild starving dogs whose lives usually come to an end on the side of the road. I have seen them. They roam the street begging for food, scraps of anything. The puppies follow the older dogs, cowering, dodging the cars, sleeping in the dirt. Most the dogs are eaten alive by mange, weakened by broken bones and covered with fleas. Some limp so badly they have to drag dead limbs from trash can to trash can in search of scraps. The wounds don't heal...especially the ones we can't see. And yet, I have approached some of these dogs in Rosarito and reached out a hand to them. Not once has any stray dog been aggressive toward me...a complete stranger. Their eyes look into mine, begging for help, wondering if I might be the one to rescue them. Their tails start to wag slowly. As they approach, they seem to drop their heads in humiliation, as if embarrassed by their broken and brutal life. They are sweet, helpless and homeless.

But there is hope. The Baja Animal Sanctuary located in Rosarito saved and place more that 720 dogs and 61 cats last year. Founded by Sunny Benedict with only $180, she has created a safe haven with a "no-kill" policy just 22 miles south of the border. She brings the healthy dogs and cats to San Diego each weekend to various locations for adoption. If they are too sick, she treats them at the BAS until they are well enough to be adopted. Please help. Please go to They need everything....but mostly, they need you. A rescued dog can be the most loving and loyal companion in the world. (Cats I wouldn't know about, but surely they feel the same....but you know how cats are!)