Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yes, we all love pink! Pink is everywhere you look these days. Pink kitchen gadgets, pink bowls, pink luggage, pink phones, cameras, condoms, computers. You get it. Pink is definitely in and definitely sexy! And we've all had a sip or two of pink champagne, but have you tasted PINK TEQUILA??? Well, listen up people.....this blushing cactus juice is to die for.

AsomBrosa 100% de Agave La Rosa Reposado is not only delicious and smooth as a pink velvet ribbon, but it comes in a shall I say it....passionate bottle.
(The bottle is actually fashioned after an 18th century crystal Milleflore decanter called "Thousand Flowers.") And, where does it get its beautiful rose color? AsomBrosa is aged in French Bordeaux wine barrels to acquire its romantic glow and unique smokey flavor. This luscious liquid won the Gold Medal at the SF World Spirits Competition in 2008. The purist in me suggests this as an elegant sipping tequila to be shared during rustic romantic romps and pale pink sunsets, but for Easter, I decided to make this Pink Margarita just in case the Easter Bunny hopped by for a breather. Hiding all those silly eggs can run a rabbit ragged.

2 1/2 parts AsomBrosa La Rosa tequila
1 part Triple Sec
Juice of two fresh limes
Splash of Damiana (look it's considered an aphrodisiac)
Crushed ice
1 tsp. of Rose's Grenadine (this is what really brings out the blush)

Pour all ingredients into martini shaker, serve with lime slice in chilled martini glass.