Thursday, August 23, 2012

My brother-in-law is a Republican who lives in Texas.  Obviously, we don't agree on ANYTHING!!  Having said that, there is one area we can come together as friends and co-exist, and that is Tequila of course.  But not just any Tequila....we love DON PATŔON Silver Tequila.

Here is a refreshing summer cocktail we made that uses fresh squeezed lemon juice instead of lime, and Patŕon Citrónge.  We hope you enjoy....and vote Democrat.  Well, at least I hope you vote Democrat.  Olé.


1 oz. Patŕon Silver Tequila  (we say more)
1/2 oz. Patŕon Citrónge  (more if you add more Tequila...dah!)
3 oz.  fresh squeezed lemon, reserve rind for garnish
Splash of soda

Shake all together in martini shaker with lots of ice.  Pour into cold martini glasses, top with splash of soda, garnish with swirl of lemon rind.  I rimmed it with salt...that's optional.  

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